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Locating business grants for women does not have to be a daunting task. There are plenty of grant sources available if you know where to look.

Each year at least half a million ambitious woman start new businesses. These businesses help women to become self-sufficient and provide valuable services to the communities where they live.

Woman owned businesses have shown to have a higher than average success rate and the government is well aware of this and help women who want to start their own businesses with government grants for women.

The federal government isn't the only one that offers women owned business grants. Many angel investors and private foundations offer women-owned business grants as well.

It makes sense to put the investment where it can do the most good and women owned business grants have a higher tendency to help produce successful businesses more than any other type of business grant. Women are almost always dedicated to any endeavor they take on and will put their heart, mind, and soul into their own business dream. And the results are always obvious!

Finding business grants for women can seem hard and time consuming and many women may guess if they are even qualified. Many times the very reasons they fear they may not qualify for business grants for women are the unique reasons that qualify them for special grants such as those for single mothers or even people with bad or poor credit.

There are several sources of business grants for women available. The government has several grants available specifically for women.

Most of the special business grants are for women starting businesses in specific fields such as a medical transcription service and others are for women in specific circumstances as stated above. Other private business grants for women are also available.

These may be through private or public foundations or through private investors or investing groups known as investment angels. These angel investors offer grants that don't have to be repaid, but will most likely want a part or percentage of the profits in return.

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