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What is Obesity, Causes of Obesity and How to Fight Obesity?

Read in this article about what is obesity, causes of obesity and how to fight obesity.

Obesity is the accumulation of excessive fat in the body. Obesity in some people hampers their normal activities of life. Obesity increases the chances of many diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, stroke etc. There are many causes of obesity and one should know about them before they could plan how to fight obesity. The various factors causing obesity are-
  1. More calorie intake than getting used- The number of calories which a person is consuming is much more than that of burnt during various processes. All the food nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and fats provide energy to our body and the various body functions, exercises help them to get burnt out.
  2. Lack of physical activity- The life style of people has changed which has resulted in the lack of physical activity in adults and children both. Children like to watch TV and video games which compel them to sit at one place so they tend to gain overweight.
  3. Improved means of traveling has also resulted in more instances of obesity. Many people do not walk down because of ready means of traveling which is actually harmful
  4. At work places, many people have to sit down for long hours and do their work which is also one of the important causes of obesity.
  5. There are many schools which do not give importance of physical activities thus the students do not get involved in the sports
  6. Many parents feel that sports will only waste the time of their kids and they will not do well in studies which is a wrong idea
  7. Researches have shown that genes play an important role in gaining weight
  8. There are other causes of obesity like use of certain drugs for long time, suffering from some diseases like thyroid etc. which tend to increase the weight of the person.
Here you find the ways how to fight obesity-
  1. Choose healthy eating- avoid fried foods, sugary foods and processed foods
  2. Include fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet plan
  3. Include physical activities in the daily routine such as climb the stairs instead of elevators, walk down to the bus stop
  4. Educate your child the importance of sports and force them to be out instead of watching television and playing video games
Obesity should be taken as a serious problem and the solutions should be incorporated immediately to reduce weight for a healthy life.

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