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The Compare Between Foolish Women And -

When they dress up pretty, foolish women choose to act arrogantly. They are flirt and coquet. But clever women choose self-effacing behaviour. They always act dignified and let nature take its course.
When they are not pretty. Foolish women choose to be inferiority. They will be lack of confidence with themselves and even complain God. While clever women choose to have self-confidence. They know they have their own beauties, no matter in outside or inside.
If rich, foolish women choose to waste money. They will shopping impulsively without thinking and finally lead to short of money. Clever women will choose to be frugal. They will treat sanely with their money. Neither spend too much or too less so as to save savings.
Id poor, foolish women choose take extreme actions. They made themselves nervous with worry and even lose their way to do illegal things. But clever women choose to be calm. They do not made themselves nervous with worry and comfort themselves with the idea, money is less important than health.
When achieve success, foolish women choose to makes widely known. They will get dizzy with success and even do not know who they are. But clever women choose to restrain themselves. They often do not show their feelings and secretly determine to act better next time.
When frustrated, foolish women choose to be get annoyed. They will feel down in the dumps and be grieved. While clever women choose to feel free and easy. They will adjust their mentality in time and be calm.
When falling in love, foolish women choose to pay wholeheartedly. They will put all their mind and body in love and lose themselves. But clever women will take precautions against and consider themselves as the center.
When be lovelorn...
When be frustrate...
When .........

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