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Unclaimed Government Money - Is There A Way To Search Unclaimed Money For Free

Did you know that the government is sitting on nearly 35 billion dollars of unclaimed money? That's right, 35 billion dollars! The government isn't going to help you find this money. It is all up to you to find what is yours. See if there are any free ways to search for unclaimed money.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about unclaimed government money. I remember watching Dateline several months ago about the people that they found money for and how many American's actually have money they don't even know about. Did you know 7 out of 10 people have unclaimed money the government is holding?

Of course at the end of the program they gave a website that you could look and see if you had any unclaimed money. It lets you put in your name and it does its search and says you may have money but to go any further you need to sign up for a monthly subscription or pay for a individual search. I didn't want to pay so I did some research, looking for sites that offer a free unclaimed money search. Guess what? I didn't find one site that allowed you to find unclaimed money for free! Even the state websites have you go to third party site.

So after spending many hours searching for a site that allowed you to do a free unclaimed money search, I found NONE! Each and everyone required some form of payment. I get it; people need to make money too so no big deal.

I did however come across a website that gives you lifetime access to the site, unlimited searches and also teaches you different methods and techniques on how and where to look for this unclaimed money in all states! It is a one time fee of $39.95 but it is definitely worth it. Once you get going and doing searches, you don't want to pay per search or rack up monthly subscription charges over the years. Plus, you get tons of bonuses and a course which teaches you the right way to look for unclaimed funds.

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