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Owing to the rising insecurities that run underneath a private job and the persisting demands that are hurled at employees, people are stepping towards building their own businesses. More so it is the women who want to get rid of the high expectations that are set upon them and the chronic demands that are asked of them. It becomes tough and tiring to manage the household and work and the personal life. Thus freedom to do what the heart desires and independence to plan and carve their own way into the professionalism of corporate world are what lure them to launch their business.

Statistics reveal that for last few years there has occurred 20% growth in small business that are owned and run by women. Sequentially this contributes good ratio of increment in the country's economy and therefore this has incurred small business administration and several other organizations to look into the healthy and continuous economic growth from such business and offer business grants for women. Starting a business is not an easy thing altogether, one requires a good start-up capital, a subtle planning and a perfect vision for long term success. A business grant helps one to initiate the business even if he or she is low on credit.

Enlisted below are the tips which would help in applying and gain the government grants for women:-

1.Outlining a business plan

A business plan consists of managerial, financial, production and marketing propositions and this design is done for at least compact 5 years into the future. So, make sure that your business plan covers the entire start-up costs and investment capital which are needed to launch a successful business.

To get an advice on how to forge a business plan, go to small business administration's website, Researching for business grants Not only one or two sources are there, but a whole lot of websites and organizations where you can apply for business grants for women. The need is to research extensively and dig deep. Following are few outlets which can be checked for such grants-

* Small Business Administration Office of Women's Business Ownership avails several grant opportunities for women every year. You can also check from your state branch which is organized through

* Women's Funding Network is a non-profit organization that gives grants per year to help women start their own business.

* Search engine where you will come across a host of sites which offer wide range of financing opportunities and business grants for women.

2.Government grants for women

For specific government grants applications, go to Here non-gender specific grants are offered or else you can apply on the basis of business you own. 3.Tread Carefully

Do not dive headfirst. Read the grant information carefully and go through grant applications. If information is not enough, request for more.

4.Application deadlines

After collecting the grants for which you are eligible, check out quickly the application deadlines. Ensure that you can meet those deadlines with ease because late grant application are not accepted.


You will need certain documents while applying for the business grants. These are- *An application form which dictate you financial and industry information.

*A compact and integrated business plan which casts your business glimpse into the future, 5 years at least.

*Letters of recommendation from well respected and reckoned business people or business community members.

*A unique and carefully designed proposal for each grant application. You can use statistics and important business information to draft the proposals; these should be aimed at the granting organization.

*Correctly estimated budgets and financial statements, which will help the granting organization, rate you as one with brilliant money making skills.

6.Online Accounts

If you are applying for the grants online, go to the website and create an account well in advance. But if you apply by mail, ensure to make copies and dispatch them by mail before the deadline.

A word of advice: There are a lot of helps for the women to help them starting up their own business but also there is no lack of scams. Before you finalize on any one grant offering organization, ensure that you have searched about it enough. Do not ever give away your personal or financial information to an organization unless you know it is legitimate and are sure of its authenticity.

Running your own business brings to you freedom and a big amount of flexibility; it makes you independent and free. You follow the above mentioned tips and you gain control on your life and your finances.

Happy business!!!

Author Bio:-

Rubel Harry, an author by profession is also a business analyst. He loves to write about different topic like Business, Game, and Business grants for women etc.

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