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Although we are, our company strives to help everyone with their needs when it come to health insurance. In some cases employers will want to find ways to reduce their health insurance costs. When they contact us, they may be interested in putting all of their employees on individual health insurance plans to reduce cost. This is an option available in many states, but not all and in some cases the employees health conditions may make them ineligible for individual health insurance.

Do not despair, when this occurs we have a large line up of small group health insurance carriers ready to compete for your business. Not only do we shop the small group health insurance market for you but we also help you analyze and understand what benefits may be costing your company thousands more then you expected each month and which health insurance insurance benefits are more affordable that you may want to leave on the plan or add to the plan.

In a recent
survey we conducted calling several small business leaders who purchased small group health insurance plans in the past. Our firm found that not one company out of 15 total claimed they felt their last representative properly investigated with them what benefits and plans would best suit the needs of the employees as well as of the owner. This is one of the enormous issues with the health insurance industry. Enough is not being done to find out what is needed on a plan and what is not and an employer needs someone to be their guiding light to help them see all the aspects of the small group insurance plan they are purchasing. We also found that within those groups most of the time the agent never spoke to any of the employees, only the owner or contact person at the company. They relied on that person to inform everyone else of what they were getting or not getting on their health insurance plan. We do not find this acceptable. When we provide a company with a group health insurance plan we take the time to make sure each employee receives literature and information on the carrier as well as information on the plan or product.

If your company is in need of a quality insurance broker to help make sure your contact person completes the online health insurance quote request form. After that, a qualified small group health insurance representative will contact them back to get the additional information, and walk them through what steps need to be taken next. We look forward to helping your small business purchase its next small group health insurance plan.

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